What Is Mild Beer? Mild Magic 2024

In anticipation of CAMRA’s national Mild May event across the UK, and more specifically Stockport, we wanted to look at this style of beer and how Mild Month celebrates it. Mild Magic 2024 runs from April 12th to May 19th.

What is Mild Beer?

Mild beer (or ale) is one of the earliest forms of ale brewed in Britain, and shares it’s heritage with porters, stouts and brown ales. Typically darker in colour (or light caramel in the case of pale/light mild beers), traditionally they’re a malty style of beer with light notes of roasted coffee, caramel and chocolate, with only very a delicate hop character. As modern milds are usually brewed to 3% – 4% ABV, you’ll find this style of beer to be easy drinking, often a little sweeter and full of character.

Sadly, mild is a an increasingly difficult style to find in pubs these days, often associated with an “older generation” of drinkers, but that’s not to say it’s impossible to get a hold of. CAMRA is a voluntary organisation that promotes real ale, cider and traditional pubs, and they have been campaigning for the past 30 years to save mild beers from drying up in our local pubs up and around the country. This is where Mild May and Mild Magic come in, and their efforts to save the style from dying out.  

What is Mild Magic?

Mild Magic happens every year between the months of April to May. It focuses on encouraging breweries to brew mild beers so that punters can enjoy a pint of mild during these months, thereby promoting the style of beer to a wider audience. CAMRA representatives collect and advertise information on the beers being brewed by participating breweries and the pubs which will sell them, with the result that drinkers are able to find and enjoy mild on the taps in 97 pubs locally! There is even a Mild Magic Challenge, whereby drinkers can collect stamps by enjoying a pint (or half) of mild in pubs throughout Greater Manchester and Stockport. In return for their efforts, collectors win merch ranging from t-shirts to the coveted Mild Magic Ultra package (polo shirt, sweatshirt & beer vouchers!)

For more information about Mild Magic 2024, be sure to visit the CAMRA website.

Does Brightside Brew Mild Beer?

Over recent years we have seen a marked increase in demand for mild from our drinkers and pubs, so these days we tend to keep a mild in bottle constantly available, and brew various cask milds throughout the year. From our Inn Crowd Dark Mild to our more recent Vespertine Mild, we enjoy brewing this style as much as our drinkers enjoy sipping it! Whether you’re after a mild served on a traditional hand pull in your local, or to drink at home from a bottle, we have you covered.

Visitors to our brewery shop regularly mention the fact that we’ve got a mild available, and are very happy to see it stocked. We love this style of beer and will continue to support Magic Mild each year! 

What are mild beers?
Vespertine Mild Bottle