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Customer Spotlight: The Perfect Match, Sale

  • Your name and position:

Andrea: Owner & Front of house/Sommelier Jazz: Owner & Head chef  
  • Venue name & Contacts

The Perfect Match 103 Cross Street, Sale, M33 7JN 0161 204 3665 Website: Instagram: Facebook:
  • Established:

October 2019
  • Business concept:

We are a cosy 26-seat neighbourhood bistro in Sale, Manchester offering British & European cuisine. Our concept starts with our name “The Perfect Match” We are all about matching food and drink given the nature of the business being owned and run by a chef and sommelier. We have tried to bring a relaxed and fun approach to matching food and drink; we offer an A la carte menu where each dish has its suggested wine or beer pairing underneath. This is of course completely optional, leaving the choice to go with the pairing for one course or not at all. However it will spark something, making you question why this certain beverage was chosen for such a dish, and this is what makes coming to our restaurant a real experience. For some people it encourages them to explore something that they may not have even considered trying if they were just given a drinks list. We like to keep our menu seasonal where we can, although our menu may not be the largest you have seen we like to think that each dish has been well thought out and executed, not forgetting our weekly specials boards!  
  • How we met:

2019: Being lovers of beer ourselves and especially draught beer, finding a brewery that we absolutely loved was so important to us! The team at Brightside are all wonderful people and have a real passion for what they are doing just like us. This is why we could really see ourselves working with them! We have two draught beers on when we are open (Brightside installed these for us) and we tend to float between Helles Lager, Craft IPA and Maverik IPA kegs. We find that each of these pairs really well with food or on their own, a massive bonus is that they are all gluten free and vegan. These beers are so faultless we even ordered a few kegs to see us through lockdown!
  • Good things about your place:

We had been working on opening up our own restaurant for a few years down in London where we met and worked together. We decided to move to Manchester where Jazz is originally from to open our own neighbourhood Bistro. After 18 months of refurbing whilst working full time, to finally have the doors open and a queue at the door was such an unreal moment for us. We sometimes pinch ourselves to remind us that it’s a reality. What started as just a conversation; opening a restaurant called The Perfect Match, has become a reality through hard work and persistence and that’s definitely worth smiling about! We just need Covid to disappear and then we can pick up from where we left off hopefully.
  • Favourite local supplier:

It is not a Local supplier however it is a supplier very close to our hearts, it is our very own Follador Prosecco We are incredibly proud to serve Andrea’s family’s D.O.C.G prosecco from Valdobbiadene, Italy as there is nowhere else you can currently get a glass of this lovely fizz from in the UK, we also sell bottles to take away! You can find them on Instagram: Follalba or at to find our more information and to see some stunning pictures of the vineyards and winemakers.
  • Our personal favourite Brightside Brewery beer?

It would have to be for us the IPA packed full of flavour! Undoubtably refreshing and definitely a crowd pleaser 😊      Thanks Andrea and Jazz for telling us your story. Keep an eye out across their socials for when they are back open for takeout and eat in. While waiting you can order their favourite IPA here.
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