Brown Bag Crisps


New year, new crisps for our beer selection boxes, and these crisps are absolutely cracking!

Here are a few of the reasons why Brown Bag Crisps were chosen. Firstly, and arguably most importantly, they are extremely good quality crisps, they pack a massive flavour, and their crunch is second to none. It is no surprise to us that all the flavours have won several prestigious awards.

Brown Bag Crisps are an independent, family-run company just like us at Brightside, and what is more, Brown Bag Crisps will only sell their crisps to other independent companies, so you’re not going to find these bad boys down at the supermarket. We love their dedication to the environment too which mirrors our own efforts in the brewery. Absolutely nothing from their factory goes to landfill: All waste is either recycled or given to local farmers as animal food, and you can even send your empty packets back to them to be recycled!

Also, as many of our customers follow a gluten free diet and some prefer to choose vegan products, we felt it was important to make sure our next snacks partner made a lovely product that everyone can enjoy. All the crisps are GF, and we’ve chosen a mix of vegan and non-vegan flavours.

So, what makes the crisps so special? Well, for a kick-off, they are made with the finest, carefully selected British potato varieties, which are grown specifically for their crisping properties. Then, small batches are gently cooked in 100% olive oil; the first crisps in Britain to be cooked this way. Finally, the golden crunchy delights are generously seasoned with a variety of natural ingredients: So the bacon crisps are made with bacon, the cheddar ones are made with cheese… Beware of a bacon crisp suitable for vegetarians!

We know as well as anyone that crisps are the perfect accompaniment to beer, and we have decided on 5 varieties for you to choose from after having undertaken the gruelling and selfless task of sampling all of them.

Our favourites, from which you can choose for your variety box include:

  1. West Country Farmhouse Cheddar & Onion
  2. Smoked Bacon
  3. Oak Smoked Chilli (Vegan)
  4. Lightly Salted (Vegan)
  5. Sea Salt & Vinegar

These are available for all variety boxes which are delivered locally or collected from the brewery, and for the IPA Box & Explorer Box when delivered nationally (Trad Boxes will still have chocolate for national deliveries) so when you place your order online be sure to let us know which flavour you’d prefer in the notes section. Otherwise, we’ll play it safe and assume you’d like the Lightly Salted.


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