Always half full!

Manchester Skyline - The first beer in our Manchester Icons range.

A full bodied Golden Ale with a greater depth of colour and not as dry as most. Lager malt, wheat and four speciality malts give a complex malt profile, to balance a generous helping of Chinook, Summit, Cascade & Dr Rudi hops

ABV 4.6%

Manchester Icons Range

Our Town - Pale ale with a pretty traditional malt profile giving a light brown colour, but nothing like traditional Columbus and Bravo hops.

Lots of flavour for a 4% beer and not your average pale ale.

ABV 4.0%

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Inspired (??) by Deansgate in the rush hour, this a a particularly bitter beer! The last beer in the Icons range.

A strong beer that we only make occasionally.. Heavy on the malt, full bodied and with bags of flavoursome New World hops, one each from the US, Australia and New Zealand. You might want to drink this last in your tasting session (if you want to taste anything else!)

If you like big beers, you will like this. Not for the faint hearted.

ABV 6.5%

B-side - Our tribute to the Manchester music scene, which just happens to connect nicely with our name.

Pale golden colour, mild bitterness and vibrant fruity hop flavour. Medium bodied and quite dry, a very refreshing drink.

ABV 4.2%

A rogues gallery of friends, family, customers and randomers! All Mancunians or honorary Mancunians who don’t mind being associated with us..

The Mancunian - Blonde ale with the emphasis on hop flavour rather than bitterness. With Cascade, Columbus, Citra and Comet hops it is an off dry, pale golden beer.

ABV 4.5%


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