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Regular beers in cask


A light amber IPA based on American hops. The bitterness out-weighs the malt as you would expect with an American style IPA, but is not bitter for bitters sake (As you might expect from an American style IPA!). Good body.

ABV 4.8%


A deliberately traditional English Best bitter with no real surprises. Willamette and Bobek hops add a little more flavour than an old fashioned bitter. Dark amber colour. Slightly more bitter than you might expect from a “Best Bitter”, while still resulting in a well balanced beer. Not too hoppy on the nose.

ABV 4.3%


A refreshing, crisp Porter relying primarily on the malt for flavour.

The image on the clip is of Snibston Pithead in Coalville, Leicestershire. My Grandfather worked  down this mine for most of his working life (he lived to 103!)

The use of the original photo’ is by kind permission of Brian Negus, a visually-impaired photographer from Loughborough in Leicestershire. Click on the photo’ to see more of his work. Brian is currently Chair of Vista's Trustees, Vista being a charity dedicated to improving the lives of people with sight loss in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

ABV 4.4%


American style single hop IPA’s available on rotation

Identical malt profile for each beer, with pale ale, crystal, caramel malts, and wheat producing a light amber colour and complex malt profile to compliment just one hop variety.

Liberally hopped without being overwhelmingly bitter.

ABV 5.0%


The name inspired by the Viking God of warriors and battle. A big name for a small beer!

A very pale blonde ale. Saaz hops form the basis with two fruity American varieties and one NZ added late. The lack of any coloured malt allows the late hops to come through clearly in the taste and aroma. Refreshing and light bodied but not thin. Created to meet modern demand - light, hoppy and below 4%.

ABV 3.8%

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