Always half full!

A Family business

After owning and running a bakery in Bury for nearly thirty years, time came for a change, and brewing to me was just a forward-step requiring many of the skills honed at the bakery, mainly good taste!

The whole process started back in February 2009, in the depths of the recession, hence the name Brightside. The initial pilot brewery was temporarily housed at the back of the bakery and in the previously unused space upstairs. It was largely due to the confined space downstairs that led us to design and install the equipment ourselves. A lot of research both from books and the web enabled us to do this, sometimes employing centuries-old techniques, sometimes modern and occasionally our own solutions to correct problems that cropped up along the way. By late 2010, the equipment was installed and Trials began.

Our first beer was sold in June 2011. Fermenting vessels were added to increase capacity, and when the bakery was finally sold in July 2013 we moved to an industrial unit in Radcliffe and became full time brewers!

The pilot brewery was quickly replaced in early 2014 with 18bbl plant , and we have added to this  when needed. Our latest acquisitions are another 18bbl fermenting vessel and a generously proportioned Hopback / dry hopping vessel nicknamed Hopollo 11(mainly for use with the Wildside beers). This gives us a total of five fermenting vessels with a capacity of 15000lt giving us plenty of scope to brew lagers alongside the real ale.

We are now an established name in Manchester, with a reputation for quality consistency and service. Our beers can be found either permanently or as guests in most of the free of tie pubs and bars in the City, and we are now extending our presence outwards towards Crewe and Chester in the South, through The Wirral and out to Preston in the North. You may also find them pretty much anywhere in the UK by way of swapped casks with partner breweries.


All of these beers will be gluten free. As regards the flavoured beers, if it says strawberry on the clip, it will have LOTS of strawberries in it! We will never use any flavourings, either synthetic or “natural” (made in a lab’ allegedly tasting something like natural). We will on occasion use natural organic oils extracted from the fruit. So no alcoholic soft drinks and nothing that tastes like a rum truffle, just good beer with flavoursome additions.


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With the ever growing demand for variety by a whole new generation of beer drinkers, and with six years of experience behind us, we have launched a second brand to showcase all that’s innovative and exiting in the real ale and craft beer markets. Expect more punchy hop flavours and aromas courtesy of new hop varieties from around the world (aided by our new hopback / dry hopping vessel nicknamed Hopollo 11!). New styles of ales and lagers, different yeasts, fruit beers, more vibrant and bitter IPAs etc . .